British for Americans

Greetings are often different to yours, too. Instead of saying “hi” when we meet, we will say something like “I say, old chap, it’s awfully kind of you to pop by”. When we answer the telephone, we tend to say things like “Hello, this is London 392. May we help you?”.

You will find British people very polite. Here are some of our quaint phrases; if you learn them before visiting Britain, you will be able to understand us much better, and soon will be talking “like a native”!

Efforf: Would you like to join me?

Bleadenyanx: I’m so glad you’ve come to visit our country!

Shaddi: Please repeat that

Getstaft: Won’t you sit here a minute?

Most British people can understand American. If you find that we have trouble understanding you, shout a bit louder. Like all Europeans, we appreciate the extra effort, and will offer tea or a glass of warm beer to any American who is friendly enough to help us with our language.


What better way to follow an evening in the pub than with:

An Indian Meal

There are many Indian restaurants in Britain. Although the staff may be from the Indian sub-continent, they serve subtle, delicate British fare. Ask for the Vindaloo or the Phal.

Go at about 11:30pm (“chucking-out time”). You will be surrounded by jolly young ladies and gentlemen in high spirits. Feel free to indulge in banter with them, and to tell the chaps about your boxing training at High School. Suggest a contest – they will politely decline, and offer to pay for your meal.

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