It’s All Gone Wrong

Well, hopefully not totally, but I did manage to jump the gun a bit on designing a new site. So we’re going live with no proper template, rather like finding oneself in class with neither pants nor the required homework. :) Check back tomorrow for […]


Well, this month just flew by. I spent a lot of it feeling rather rubbish, with my insides trying to superglue themselves into new and unfavourable configurations everytime I tried to sit at a desk and work. One month on, however, and I am starting […]

Best. Quote. Ever.

“If we, a small wicca coven composed in the main of elderly grey-haired ladies in our twilight years with all our infirmities and aches, pains and frailties have inadvertently been ‘faster off the mark’ to obtain these domain names than a world-class, pin-stripe-suited multi-national like […]

DIY Weekend

I’ve been terrible about posting lately. I do still write, mainly at ravven’s glass, which is slowly becoming slightly more personal rather than just gaming. I think I’m a bit bored, maybe, with documenting ordinary life? Not sure…it just doesn’t seem worth the effort to […]

my bad

I know that it’s been a long time since I’ve posted about anything very personal. I’m still alive (sort of), still happy, and the project is going extremely well – was just demoed in the States to much interest. Everything is moving very quickly. Our […]

*squee* *bounce* *bounce*

We just demoed the new Top Sekrit project for our CEO, who was very excited and wants a finished version to demo in front of investors next week. SO FUCKING AWESOME to be in charge of the team that is doing something that no one […]

Dumplings, and an 800th Anniversary

Last night we watched an interesting, very disturbing movie that Phil had rented from Amazon knowing that I love Asia Extreme horror movies: Dumplings. I won’t tell you why it made me so squeamish, but it is worth renting. It wasn’t a horror movie at […]

This Is Who I Am

On the weekend Phil and I were at the market, standing in the checkout line. A very elderly gentleman walked up to us and struck up a conversation. “I can’t remember what I came in for. I came in for a large scotch and some […]

The One About the Checkout Lady Who Was Immune to PewPew Lazors

I’m half-awake today. Yesterday, after coming into work for an early meeting and the first day of our latest team member (very bright PhD candidate who is working for us part-time as a Virtual Worlds Developer, intially helping with research), I went home and had […]