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  • I’ve seen some rather alarming stories that black people were afraid of voting for fear of being arrested and church-goers voted Bush as they thought Kerry would ban the bible. I have no idea of the truth of these rumours, but if the voters heard them who is to say it did not put some people off.
    I’m just very disapointed, what was once seen as the land of opportunity and the free seems to be coming ever more closer to Totalitarianism, I might be going a bit over the top but little by little peoples rights are being removed, I just worry about what the future holds.

  • Yes, there were a lot of dirty tricks played on democratic voters: flyers saying that they would risk imprisonment and having their children taken away, etc. It wasn’t nice.

    And land of the free? There’s no freedom in America any more. No freedom of speech, no freedom of choice. The future looks grim.

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