Quote of the Day

Awesome quote, from Mezzoblue:

“It’s official: Netscape is dead, and AOL has cut funding for Mozilla.

In future news: November, 2009 — Microsoft issues a press release, raising Internet Explorer licensing fees to “eleventy billion dollars”. AOL executives surprised to discover ‘foresight’ carelessly crossed out of their dictionaries.”


One thought on “Quote of the Day

  1. I read this…then read more about Mozilla…and lo and behold, I’m now penning this from within Mozilla Firebird 0.6

    Looks good – is faster than IE – just did a load-speed test on a couple of diff pages, so I’m going to give it a bash for a while and see how it does!

    It has built in pop-up killer, and resizes stuff that’s too big for my screen and lets me know it’s done it…

    Hey – ANYTHING to speed up this 133 mhz machine is a good thing!

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