Unique, Affordable Pre-Designed Ebook Covers

More coming soon!

I’m offering a selection of pre-designed, ready-to-go ebook covers. Check back often, as I will be adding them as my schedule permits. You will be able to personalise these covers with your title, author name and strapline (if applicable), and each cover will be unique. Once you purchase a cover it will be deleted from this page.

Instant Cover Art
The benefit to  you is price and convenience. Pre-designed ebook covers are offered at $100 to $150 per cover, and the text can be personalised to your project with very little wait. That is a huge savings from my normal rates.

Fully Customised Predesigned Covers
I am going to be working on a number of covers that can be customised with hair and eye colour change, some clothing colour changes, etc. No complete costume or model substitution, however, since these will already be painted in full detail. These will be offered at $250 per cover as the level of detail will approach that of my normal custom covers. This is a chance to to get a full art cover at half the cost of a normal bespoke cover.

New: Series Covers
Some of the covers in this collection will be offered as a series at a discounted rate for the set.

All predesigned covers now include print templates as part of the price. These can be done at any point after the initial ebook cover.

Claim Yours Now

If you’re interested in purchasing any predesigned covers for your novel, please contact me with the relevant information including code number.