Messy Desk

The week is over, thank goodness. What you see is my desk at work, mid-project, covered with scribbled wireframes, printed research (thanks, !), mockups and notes. Plus the remains of lunch, as I worked through lunch as I normally do.

Phil: “What did you have for lunch?”
Me: “A corned beef and branston sandwich and gorgeous grapes. It was so good I took a picture of it.”
Phil: “You sad bugger.”

lol…now it’s off to the stable to hopefully ride, and then possibly a trip to the Chatsworth Horse Trials, weather permitting.

No magpies yet…

One thought on “Messy Desk

  1. Your desk really does not look too bad, you should see the one Tim and I share at home it is a mess. From here I can see, 2 cookbooks, box of tissues, picture of a cat, 2 empty glasses, a few business cards, tv remote, various bits of paper with scribbles on, an unused cable, lego, cd’s a pen, post its and an envelope I keep scraps of paper with html stuff on. As for Tims work desk…. Have a great day, the weather is divine already.

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