Rain, rain, rain

Actually, I shouldn’t bitch too much about it – we finally got some sun this afternoon. :) Yaay, mucking is so much nicer when it’s not pissing down. This morning it was pouring, and I was really upset about it. Enough is enough…it’s getting boring. Everything is flooded. Give us something interesting, like a hail of pingpong balls and pilchards or something, but not this constant rain.

This is the horse that I am going to take a jumping lesson on tomorrow. (That’s not me riding, btw. It’s a sale video, as she’s, well, for sale.) She’s a very pretty mare.

Not much else to say, really…I’m just trying to keep to my birthday resolution to post more often.

Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz is a good book. Read it.

I want to see The Village this weekend.

This is what you call blog shorthand.



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