When I Grow Up, Part 2

Ok, the last thread led to an interesting question:

Reality aside, what life would you like to have if you could live in a book, movie or other fictional work? Who would you be? What career would you have? I think this might give a truer insight into people’s hopes and dreams than the first question. After all, your career is a matter of those talents/skills you happen to have been gifted with, along with just sheer luck of the draw to a large extent. People tend to fall into careers, relationships, etc., and just stay with them…prehaps not totally content with the choice.

I would live in a fantasy novel, definitely. First choice: Be a Herald of Valdemar (Mercedes Lackey). Second choice: Telepath on Darkover (Marion Zimmer Bradley). Third choice: Dragonrider on Pern (Anne McCaffrey). Maybe first choice would be Charles de Lint’s Newford – I could be a Crow Girl! Gods, I don’t know. Anywhere/anything that wasn’t so mundane, I suppose. Xenobiologist. Heinlein-esque space explorer. Maskmaker on Tiamat.

We never really grow up, in our heart of hearts, do we? Thank god.

9 thoughts on “When I Grow Up, Part 2

  1. I could see you as James Bond, definitely. I’m ignoring the comment about Angelina Jolie’s masseuse. (sp?) You know that that is MY job. Grrrrr….

  2. I think I’d want to live in Wonderland; I’ve always thought it sounded like a great place…have tea with the Mad Hatter, croquet with the Queen of Hearts..

  3. Yes! Wouldn’t that be great? I might go for the Narnia books, myself. Or better yet…an animal in Wind in the Willows. :) Any book where 9-to-5 jobs and mortgages don’t exist. Just my warm little burrow lined with bookshelves, and adventures with my friends in the fields and woods.

  4. If it were the Lord of the Rings, a Ranger of the North, please – one of Aragorns band; self sufficient, driven, a part of a small group who have to be able to rely on each other.

    I would love to be an Old One in “The Dark is Rising”; having powers with a purpose and a positive goal to aim towards. And I think law has the slight edge over chaos, and light is more important than dark.

    I would be a hawkman in Flash Gordon, because flight is freedom, and life is too short not to enjoy it with everything you have.

    A guardsman in Ankh Morpork? Perhaps a little too comedic, but they take a stand, and that’s important to me.

    Hi, by the way – I saw you’d friended me so popped over to make your aquaintance. I hope you’re enjoying my LJ.

  5. Hmmmn…I think that Holmes would be too lonely. It always made me sad that he was so alone. I would prefer a Porthos character: rollicking, drinking, wenching, ass-kicking, and always having fun. :)

  6. Old One…I read the Grey King years and years ago, but I don’t remember much of it. A Ranger of the North would be great.

    I am enjoying your journal very much. I’ve been peeking for awhile now. ;)

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