I had a fairly productive day today. I did a lot of work on the radio site, and now I’m going to play with SpiralDance a bit, as Phil is on the PS2. We went out to the stable to hand-walk Kipper and feed/clean. Poor boy was feeling a bit blue, as the whole area between his back legs is swollen hugely, and very sore. He’s on arnica, which should help a bit. Great lamb dinner, thank you Phil. That was probably a strange transition, from swollen scrotal sacs to supper…sorry. ;)

Yesterday, as we were driving home, Bohemian Rhapsody came on the radio. That brings back such memories of being a kid. I was a huge Queen fan, and that was my favourite song for years. I was a skinny buttrocker girl, dating jocks who drove Camaros and TransAms, a songleader (cheerleaders who did dance routines) and a bookworm, I played flute in the band, sang in choir, and took part in all the plays and musicals. I don’t know, today, why I was so unhappy all of the time. It doesn’t seem that bad today, many years and half a world away. And I still love Queen. Freddy Mercury’s death really brought AIDs home to me on a completely personal, emotional level…there was never going to be another Queen song again. His voice was lost forever.

But I don’t feel like being melancholy tonight. And so, I direct you, via , to this: You Might be a Wankomancer If… :)

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  1. Yes, I have as well – but it’s a private pleasure, isn’t it? After all, it’s not as if they ever realise that they are embarrassing themselves.

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